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AMIRO O-Series LED Beauty Mirror - White
AMIRO O-Series LED Beauty Mirror - White
AMIRO O-Series LED Beauty Mirror - White
AMIRO O-Series LED Beauty Mirror - White

AMIRO O-Series LED Beauty Mirror - White

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The ultimate makeup experience, with the aesthetics to match - The Award Winning O-Series AMIRO mirror.

Clear as can be:

The clarity of the mirror is upto 6 times higher as that of an ordinary cosmetic mirror. Perfect your make-up and cosmetic game, but also check for early detection of skin problems such as dryness, black heads and targeted skin care.

Fully silver backed mirror so what you see is what you get vs. other mirrors in the market with colour warping. 

Lead the way with Adaptive light

Look your best in all environments with High-definition smart natural light sources with two kinds of cold and warm simulated light source - Achieve accurate makeup in all-weather environments ( even all-black environments). 

With over 100k light droplets and brightness upto 1100 lux - Amiro matches and betters professional cosmetic rooms, without causing any irritation or damage to eyes. 

I woke up like this

Customize the appropriate makeup according to different weather conditions, and allow you to check the makeup effect in different environments in advance.

Award Winning Design

Winner of multiple world recognized Design Awards. The O-Series has functionality to match the aesthetic with a 360 degree flexi-head, suction base for stability and a minimalist design functionality for ease of use.

Minimum colour loss, true colour.  

High color light source, the average CRI index of whole color is above 95. Real reduction of makeup and skin color, no color difference in makeup

Intelligent induction is close to automatic lighting, leaving 15 seconds to extinguish

Intelligent memory function, can automatically remember the last brightness and light source mode used. 

Key Details

Mains Operation only
Color temperature: 3349k-5595k
Size: 394*234*109 mm
Net weight: 1.36 kg
Colour: White